Thursday, March 26, 2009

Michael Moore!


"Le Grand Ravioli" - The Tall Ravioli said...


nice one, he is recognizable, altough his face seems a bit elongated for apparent reason given the model.

Nice drawing !

Cheers !

Francisco Martins said...

Awesome, Dom! Love the brings an ethereal atmosphere to the piece...I like his "aura", hehe...good Karma!

Francisco Martins

Mike Eppe said...

Great one, Dominic!

Mahesh Nambiar said...

Very lively.. as usual, Great!!!!

artbrush said...

Hi Dominic!
Great work!!
Beautiful strokes!!!

Abhilash.N said...

Wooow. Awsome Textures . They are So alive. Great blog...!

ioo said...

Très drôle!! Je ne parle plus de l'execution qui ,pour moi reste sans faille! Ce qui me plait dans celle çi aussi, c'est que je n'imaginais pas du tout les exageration de cette façon la! Surprenant.

KIKELIN said...

Dear Dominic:

I don't visit you long time ago, but your novelties likes me a lot, specially this one, and Steve Buscemi.
Your works are awesome.
See you, my friend!