Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here's a poster that I painted for an exhibition that would be held in Montreal March 14th 2010..

Voici l'affiche que j'ai réalisé pour l'exposition annuelle des 1001 Visages qui se tiendra à Montréal le 14 Mars prochain. Cette exposition regroupe plusieurs talents de la caricature au Québec. Venez en grand nombre nous y retrouver! Toutes les informations concernant l'événement se retrouvent sur le poster!

Here's the poster I did for the annual exhibition 1001 Visages to be held in Montreal March 14th. This exhibition will includes several of the talented cartoonist from Quebec. All information concerning the event are featured on the poster!

Hope to see and meet you there!

BTW... Un gros merci à Robert Lafontaine!

This is the original painting.

The original sketch.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I can finally share this illustration that I did last friday... BTW.. I'm still working on the poster...!

I did 4 illustrations during the last 4 days... I did the painting job for this one and my good friend Sébastien Dieu did the drawing.
BTW... I want to take 2 sec to say that I really want to thanx to my lovely girlfriend! She's always there for me and helping me alot during these fun rushes!;)

Here's the drawing that Sébastien sent to me. My mission was to paint it.