Monday, March 16, 2009

Flavor Flav


Will Appledorn said...

this is great!!

you are a machine man, i wish i could crank out such quality stuff so fast.

Carl Knox said...

william said it all in his comment!!! so much good quality work man!!!

This one is fresh!!! and your steve buscemi creeps the hell out of me... he's just a great looking guy!

I'm getting back into the swing of caricature again too... i'll be posting soon!

Frog God said...

suggested celebs:
Bill Cosby
Angelina Jolie
adam Sandler
Tom Cruise
Justin Timberlake
Drew Berrymore
Mr. Roggers
(Mr. Roggers Neighborhood)
Eddy Murphy
woopy Goldberg

Frog God said...
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ramanjit said...

ohhhhh my my great !!!!
dom love these two newest hahaha!!!!

Marko Krull said...

hahahaha this one is genious!
i just got up - drank a cup of coffee and sat down to start browsing some blogs and this one made me laugh instantly! awesome likeness and great expression! love it!

Thomas Fluharty said...

C'mon Dom go bigger with your stuff(It's too small when you post it). I want to enjoy your talent and see your masterful strokes. dont deny me pleasure@#$%^ PLEEEEEEEEZE~T

bert5693 said...

thats awesome dude!!!

Dumbo said...

You're a MADMAN!!!

All of your work really is amazing. There's nothing questionable about the likeness of each of your caricatures. Im very happy that I found your blog. And you're so fast at it as well. Keep them coming mate.

damon said...

ha ha i like

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

Flavor flaaaavveee...looks just like him...good job Dom

Juan Carlos Porras said...

amazing characters man! This one is so awesome!!!