Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joe!!!!!!!!!! Quick painting


Chris Thompson said...

this is awesome! along with everything else on here. what i really love about your charictures though is how they look as if they were sculpted with clay.

Mike Eppe said...

Chouette la contreplongé!
J'aime toujours voir la construction/progression de tes images. Ici on dirait un rouleau qui part du haut vers le bas.

Belmhern said...

Dominic hello, your great work, thank you for your comment

Francisco Martins said...

Hi Dominic,
Thanks for your comment in my blog.
Your work is very impressive, very good stuff, congratulations!

Francisco Martins

Unknown said...

great motion! love it!

Dave H said...

This one and the eraserhead piece really appeal to me. In addition to being a Yankee fan, I really like the composition. Having the glove in the foreground and larger than the subject's head is pretty daring.

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.