Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stephen Harper


Carl Knox said...

Dude!!!! Slow down!!! you're making the rest of us look bad! :P

Nice work again man!... nailed the likeness and colours! I'm jealous. :)

David Omar said...

So much cool art!

-David O.

ramanjit said...

hi sir,
this is very funny.
ill post obama soon.

Faboun'e said...

Thanks ... mais c'est on le reconnait ok, maintenant faut que je fasse en sorte que la caricature soit plus marrante et plus exagérée... tu vois ce que je veux dire...

Mike Eppe said...

Merci beaucoup Dominic. J'avoue que tu me motive/stimule bien.
Merci pour tes visites et tes commentaires.
Ceci dit je n'arrive pas à suivre ton rythme infernale!
A bientôt

Patrick Strogulski said...

Love your recent paintings,
John Goodman is breathtaking.

Baran said...

Thanks Dominic! I hope I can push my life drawing even further this summer when I have more time.

I had to post a comment for this caricature of Prime Minister Harper when I saw it. It is an awesome take on the PM. You have captured his essence right down to the creepiness of his gaze.